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Quick Ways to Get Your Health on Track in 2017

Your health is your most important investment. As the New Year approaches, take a few minutes to consider whether your health status is where it ought to be. Many people like to set ambitious New Year’s resolutions, but it’s often difficult to stick to them. Instead, consider looking for small lifestyle tweaks that are easy to make and have a positive impact for your wellness. If you do have a specific medical issue, such as a behavioral health disorder or women’s care concern, consider speaking with one of the caring providers at University Hospital and Medical Center.

Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle

Drinking more water is one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions you can make and this healthy habit can support your wellness right away. Get into the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle with you as you go about your daily routine. If you regularly consume sugary beverages like soda and fruit juice, keeping a water bottle close at hand can help you maintain a trim waistline. Additionally, drinking plenty of water supports your muscles, reduces the risk of kidney stones, and maintains gastrointestinal regularity.

Eat Breakfast

If you tend to skip breakfast when you’re rushed, you might consider making your morning meal the evening before. Eating a fiber-rich breakfast stabilizes your blood sugar levels and prevents mid-morning energy crashes, which can help you stop yourself from resorting to unhealthy snacks from the vending machine. Old-fashioned rolled oats are an excellent source of fiber. If you’re too busy to cook oatmeal in the morning, combine the oats and milk in the evening and place the bowl in the refrigerator. The oats will absorb the milk during the night, leaving you with a nutritious, ready-made breakfast.

Find New Recipes

Along with revamping your breakfast, consider committing to cooking dinner at home more often. Avoid processed and fast foods, and instead experiment with heart-healthy recipes that feature plenty of colorful vegetables.

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