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Standing Up to Depression in Seniors [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is a common myth about depression that it only happens to younger people. In reality, seniors can and do suffer from depression at alarming rates, but because many people dismiss it as a young person’s disease, they can be slow to get help. Seniors may also be hesitant to get treated for depression because they are more likely to complain about the physical symptoms of the disease, like unexplained aches and pains, than about sadness and despair. Get educated about the facts regarding seniors and depression with this infographic from University Hospital and Medical Center. We’re pleased to offer geriatric behavioral health care in Tamarac, FL to help seniors feel their best and embrace a better quality of life. Remember that depression is never a normal part of aging, and contact us at (954) 724-6342 if you or someone you love needs care. Please share this information to help us increase awareness about the real risk of depression in seniors.

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